Monday, March 4, 2013


SBND 2012 Gala Group ShotSSN Small Business & Nonprofit Development Group (SBND) will host it's 2013 Community Enterprise Kick-off Event at Fifth Third Bank, Chicago-Hyde Park Banking Center.

The event will focus on practical and groundbreaking methods for funding your business in 2013.

Enjoy learning as you engage with vendors, cultivate new customers, and discover the latest trends in funding your enterprise and expanding your competitive edge.

This kick-off will be the first in a sequence of quarterly empowerment conferences and used as a platform to introduce SBND Community Achievement award finalists, sponsors, partners, and members who are investing in the success of small business and nonprofit enterprises. Our grand finale year end event will be the 2013 SBND Awards & Appreciation Ceremony. Expert guest speakers will focus on topics that provide custom strategies for overcoming barriers and achieving economic success.

To learn more and register, click the following link: 2013 SBND Kick-off Event